Sunday, March 1, 2015

Recycled Jeans Bag

First of all, I would like to say that I am still here, alive and kicking, and that I am SO behind in blogging. If you are reading this, thank you for still being here. I need to catch up, but in the meantime….

Yesterday, five of the sweetest women from the Park View Quilting Ministry came to my house to sew with me!!!! Now the sad part…I didn’t take any photos! What was I thinking?

I did sew a bag, though I am only about two months behind in the making of it from when the idea hit me. I found some cute horse fabric while thrifting. I had originally wanted to make this for a friend at work who had a birthday in JANUARY, but it didn’t happen. I picked up a couple pairs of the largest jeans I could find while thrifting so I could cut them up for fabric. Having the girls from Park View sew with me gave the perfect opportunity to finally get it done.




I’m going to give it to my friend at work tomorrow. She is an animal lover and has horses. I hope she loves it.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bernina 1530 Inspiration

It didn’t look this nice when we first saw the sewing machine in the case sitting on the shelf in the electronics section of Goodwill. This was all after a bath, purchase of a instruction manual pdf, and some test stitches.


Louie thought it looked like a bread maker. I just glanced at it and thought it was a safe. Louie looked a little closer and saw ‘Bernina’, and knew Bernina didn’t make bread makers. We took the cover off and plugged in the machine. The display lit up, and when we plugged in the foot control and pressed down, the needle went up and down. The accessory box was full of feet. Old style Bernina Feet. I knew if nothing else, parting out this machine would be worth WAYYYYY more than what we were going to pay. In the cart it went.







After the bath…….




I was more than a little curious about the signature on the front. First of all, I couldn’t read it, although I could make out H. P., so I worked Google for awhile and found H. P. Ueltschi. If you click his name you can see him talk a little about the history of his family and Bernina. Sew, the name on the front of my machine is H.P. Ueltschi.




The machine was also missing the presser foot lifter. I saw one on ebay, but it was more than what I wanted to pay, so I went back to Google and bought one from the United Kingdom. Delivered, it was still way less than the one on ebay.

Bernina FHS Presser Foot Lifter

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quilting Room Flood of 2015

Friday night after supper, Louie and I went to the car wash so we could get some pictures of a clean dented door to send to the body shop, then he went off to play pool with the ‘boys’. I was watching television, but then decided to work on a couple sewing machines that were sitting on my kitchen floor. I turned off the tv, turned on the radio and started working.

I worked on the first sewing machine and got it working just fine, and set it aside. The second machine I was working on was missing the foot control. I thought the one from the first machine I just worked on would fit, but I wasn’t that lucky. I went downstairs to my quilting room, because I have some sewing parts in a cupboard in that room, and when I turned on the light, this is what I saw. Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!!!


I walked through the puddle to turn on more lights so I could see what was happening. My first thought was the hot water heater, which is in my quilting room. Nope, it looked dry under the hot water heater, but when I walked across the room to turn on more lights, I got sprayed in the face with water! What the heck?!!! Confused smile Where was it coming from? I walked past again and got sprayed again!! I finally realized it was spraying out of the water feed line that goes into the humidifier which is attached to our furnace. Now what do I do? I wasn’t sure how to turn it off, I didn’t know what to do, so I grabbed a small waste basket and tried to at least stop it from spraying me in the face! The slippers I had on acted like a two huge sponges. Well, they had to go! Do you know that walking barefoot in water on a vinyl tiled floor is very slippery? Oh yes!

I finally found the shut off to the water line, then I called Louie and told him he needed to come home right away, because my quilting room was flooded. It seemed like forever, but he did come right home. The water had even started coming into our family room in the basement. We have had floods in the past, but it never came this far!


Louie brought down his BIG shop vac, and I sucked up water for about an hour. I spent a lot of time pulling water out of the rugs. Louie emptied the shop vac once, and the water level was just below the hose, so he thinks about 12 gallons. He brought it back and I sucked up about another 4 gallons.


The last time we had a flood, it was from the filter on the same humidifier which had pretty much limed up, disintegrated, and poured water all over the floor, but it wasn’t as bad as this time. We removed the big rug under the quilter, and it was quite a mess. This time, I kept vacuuming until I thought it was just damp. We put some boards under the rug, put the fans on it and left it for the night.


This morning I got up, and went downstairs to check on things. There was still a LOT Of dampness under the rug, so I decided just to pull out the rug and take it out of there. It’s not fun when I have to clean up water, but the rugs are what is the hardest to remove water from, so I took out the big one and a couple little ones. They are NOT going back in. Right now they are rolled up and standing on end near the drain in my laundry room. I think I will just put them in the basement show which we never use anyway, forget about them, and someday when they are dry, I will decide where they will go.


The wet carpet in the family room is drying nicely.


I cut the water line and pulled it out of the clips and pointed the end into the waste basket since it is still attached to the valve, and it is still dripping.


The good thing about this flood, is I got my quilting room tidied up a bit. I would rather have done it when I was ready to do it, but now it is done. The floor is clean and shiny, and we just have to replace the water line.


We picked up the new water line today. It is flood proof, so hopefully, we won’t get flooded again… least not from this water line.


I don’t know how long water had been spraying to produce 16 gallons on the floor, but I am very grateful that I found it when I did. It could have been a LOT LOT worse. I feel very blessed. It was just a minor inconvenience compared to what it COULD have been! Hopefully we can get it installed tomorrow.

Update February 1, 2015

Everything looked nice and dry today in the quilting room, so I removed the fans. I took the the ‘still dripping’ rolled up rugs from the laundry room and moved them to the basement shower, stood them on end, and put the fan on them. Maybe they will be dry in about a week. Who cares? They are out of the way.

My sweetie installed the new Flood Safe water line today and turned the humidifier back on.



I dare it to leak!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Singer 301A in Trapezoid Cabinet

Saturday I found another Singer 301A. I love that model. I surely didn’t need another one, but I didn’t have one in beige. That model came in several variations. Black with short bed extension (made to fit in a cabinet), black with long bed extension (sold as a portable model in a trapezoid carrying case), beige, like this one, and LBOW (light beige, oyster white), also with short bed extension, and LBOW in long bed extension.  The beige ones are the same…short and long bed. This one is a short bed, because it came in a cabinet. There were a couple other exceptions, but color wise, I think that is all the colors offered. I have Embarrassed smile three LBOW machines, because I just think they are beautiful, and I like  how they sew….one is on a shelf with my collection of slant shaft Singer machines, one is on a dresser in my office next to my Featherweight, and one is in a case. I take that to quilting outings. I have one of my black ones on a shelf in my sewing area just looking pretty, and I have a long bed black machine in a carrying case in my quilting room.


The machine in the cabinet was marked $40 at the Salvation Army store. I was going to leave it for someone else to buy. I could live with the fact that I didn’t have a beige one, and I really wasn’t all THAT crazy about the cabinet, but it WAS a trapezoid cabinet, and I don’t see them often. I still decided I could leave it, but then I noticed that it did not have the bobbin case.


This machine takes a special bobbin case that can be a little pricey. My first reaction was to just forget it and leave it, but then I worried about it. If no one bought it because it was missing the bobbin case, what would the store do with it? I KNOW what they do with things that sit around too long. They get thrown in the big metal dumpster. I couldn’t stand the thought that it would go into the dumpster, so I had Louie go tell one of the workers that the bobbin case was missing and ask if they would take any less. They said they priced it at $40 because they knew it wouldn’t sew. I worried more. He went back and told them the replacement bobbin could cost $40-$50, and would they consider taking any less. At this point, I told Louie I did not want the cabinet. We could leave it. The store decided to mark it down to $30. We said we would take it. I asked Louie about taking the machine and leaving the cabinet and he said we would take it and if we didn’t want the cabinet, we would deal with it later. About that time, a very nice shopper offered to give us her 50% off coupon for anything in the store. (I heard Angels singing about that time…..), so we paid $15 for the machine and cabinet.

The legs needed a little tightening up, but not much.


The owner of the machine has just recently replaced both the power cord, and the foot control cord, and her contact information was on a piece of paper with her phone number. I googled her phone number to see where the machine came from, and it came from Iowa City, Iowa. I googled her name and Google told me she is (or was) 89 years old.

The serial number indicates that the machine was made in 1951. If this machine was bought new by the lady on the piece of paper, she was only 25 years old when she bought it. I think that information is just so cool!


We took the machine and cabinet home and pulled the machine out of the cabinet. It was dirty, but not horrible. I cleaned and oiled it, and ran the motor, but I have not tried sewing with it yet, (due to the fact I was getting tired and my feet and legs hurt). I could borrow a bobbin holder from another machine while I wait for the new one to get here, but I just haven’t taken the time to do it yet.


The lid was NOT pretty! It was dried out and had varnish missing….I’m guessing that live plants lived on the top. Many old cabinets get used for plant stands.


I thought I could bring it back to life using olive oil, (me having the ‘I want it fixed yesterday mentality).


It did look better, but the oil soaked up quickly and still revealed the water spots.


I put some olive oil on the inside surface of the cabinet as well. 20150125_091608

The inside looked a little better, and I decided to leave it alone. I think the cabinet needs to tell a little about it’s past.


We did decide to get out the sander though for the top. That was a little tricky since I just poured a bunch of olive oil on it and rubbed it in! Confused smile




I cleaned up the machine while Louie worked on the top.


The top looks a lot better, and this shows it without any finish on it.


The cabinet design works by swinging out the left front leg….


…swinging the lid over to rest on the leg support. Notice that the extension table rests at an angle, rather than straight out like most cabinets….


…then the machine lifts up out of the cabinet and rests on the support board for sewing. The door in the front swings out of the way so you can sit at the machine, and the knee control swings down.



Louie put one coat of tung oil on it and let it sit several hours.


It looked like this.


Last night he put another coat of tung oil on it and now it looks like this. The grain darkened up a bit more.


He says he’s going to let it sit a couple more nights before he decides if it will get another coat, then he will rub it with fine steel wool and wax it. I think it looks pretty good now, and the color seems to blend well with the rest of the cabinet.


I like it, and I’m glad we bought it. I guess it was meant to be.

February 7, 2015

UPDATE: The reproduction bobbin case arrived last week, and the 301 did not like it. The upper thread kept breaking and thread in the bobbin area would wad up and stop the machine. I pulled a bobbin case from one of my other 301 machines, and the machine would sew perfectly. I returned the reproduction bobbin case to the seller, who very kindly refunded my money, and I bought an original SIMANCO bobbin case. It cost about $20 more.

The original Simanco bobbin case arrived today.


The Singer 301 NOW sews perfectly!



The lessons in life which we must (evidently) learn over and over, are, you usually get what you pay for.


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