Saturday, April 18, 2015

Billiard Champs 2015

As many of you know, Louie loves to play pool. He has played pool for over 35 years, and has been in pool leagues for just as long. He is very good at it, but always striving to be better.

Louie has been very busy this year. The Wednesday night ‘South of Dubuque’ pool leagues ended for the season March 18th. The Coe’s Bar #2 team met this past Wednesday evening for supper and to receive their plaques. None of the team members were able to attend the awards meeting when the rest of the teams met a few weeks ago, so they had their own little celebration. In the photo below, from left to right, is Rory (Bozo), Jerry, then (Jody, & Ron, aka ‘Jaws’, owners, and Kristin, their sweet bar tender), then Mega, and Louie. The Coe’s 2 pool team finished first place this year with 23 wins and only 1 loss.


Maquoketa’s ‘Donna’s Boys’ (the Obie’s Bar and Grill team) were also 1st place in Timber City Tuesday Night pool leagues this year. They finished the season a week or so before the South of Dubuque leagues.  Left to right is Tim, Louie, Chad and Jeff.

Donna's Boys 1st Place

Trophies were awarded for highest totals on ‘8 on the break’. This year there was a three way tie, so three of the guys got trophies. Left to right, Louie, Jeff and Josh.

8 on the break award

Back in February Louie’s team, ‘Rolling the DIce’ went to Waterloo for ‘Valley’ Tournaments and their team finished 7th out of over 70 teams. Left to right, Louie, Tim, Sean, Chad and Mega.


Most recently, Louie and his team played in Des Moines at the Iowa State Pool Tournament. Louie played in the 9 ball singles, the 8 ball singles, and team tournament. Louie won a little money in 8 ball singles, and finished in the 49-64th bracket. In team tournaments, ‘Maquoketa Eagles 2’ played well and finished 7th out of 69 teams, also winning a little money. I am very proud. Left to right, Jeff, Visar (Vinny), Mega, Louie and Casey.


Now that pool is over for the season, it’s time to get out that motorcycle! Smile


Saturday, April 11, 2015

April Quilting~Donation Quilts~Fabric

The girls and I enjoyed visiting and laughing while we sewed donation quilts for the Park View Quilting Ministry today. Sewing the tops was our service project for today. We sewed tops for them last month too. We celebrated KT’s birthday too, but again, no photos of that…..Sigh!…..Embarrassed smile (bad, bad me!)

Patty, Ronelle and Leslie.


Margaret and Polly.


KT, Christie and Renea.


Renea, Patty, Kate and Ronelle.


Renea had to leave early, and I think she was the first one done with her quilt.








Yours truly.








Polly made one and a half quilt tops today. She graciously finished Ronelle’s quilt for her when she had to leave early. Thank you Polly. We appreciate it! Also, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Loose Tensions Quilters for sewing these quilt tops for the Park View Lutheran Quilting Ministry. God bless you all!


I chose the fabrics, which was, ‘whatever you want’ and the service project. I received double fabrics! KT even threw in an extra fat quarter because I loved that fabric so much! (green on bottom left). Love it!


I thought I would sew more after everyone left, but I did not. I sat in my recliner with my remote and dozed off and on and didn’t do a thing.



Louie sent me a text then called me. Their pool team at the Iowa State Pool Tournament was doing well, and will play again at 9:30 (right about now) tonight. If they win, they will play again at 9:30 in the morning. They are having fun. He has been gone since Tuesday. I miss him.


Update: Louie’s team ended up in 7th place out of 69 teams. Not too bad. The team even won a little money.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter~First Motorcycle Ride of the Season

God blessed us with a beautiful Easter day, so after doing some chores around the house this morning, Louie gassed up and washed our Goldwing so we could go for our first motorcycle ride of the season. We didn’t plan on going very far, but the day was just so beautiful that we just kept riding. The temperature got up to 68* with the sun, and although as the day got older it got a bit more windy, it was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

We left home in Maquoketa and headed north, then crossed over onto Esgate road. We turned right and crossed Teter’s Bridge on E17, then crossed Hwy 61 and rode over to Andrew Iowa. From Andrew, we turned and rode to Springbrook, then to Bellevue. By that time, we were both ready for a potty stop, so we rode up the steep and windy road to the top of Bellevue State Park.





After we left the park, we decided it was nice enough to take a longer ride, so we rode from Bellevue to Dubuque, deciding to head across Hwy 151, which always seems like it never ends, but there was a lot to see. So many beautiful homes. We stopped again in Monticello for a potty stop and to get some water, then got back on 151 and headed for Anamosa. We turned on County Road x40 and rode into Mechanicsville, then headed back East on Hwy 30, turning onto Hwy 38 to Olin, then E45 to Hale Village, X75 to Wyoming Iowa, then Hwy 64 back to Maquoketa and home. We rode about 158 miles.


Thank you God for the gift of life and salvation, and for a beautiful day in which to celebrate.

Monday, March 30, 2015

I’m Not A Hoarder, I’m Not A Hoarder….

Yesterday, after Louie left for the day to go to his annual ‘end of season team pool tournament and awards outing’, I attacked the kitchen with elimination of ‘stuff’ in mind.


Why do I think I ‘need’ all the ‘stuff’ I have?


I did manage to get a few things boxed up and eliminated before I pooped out. This also includes the ‘stuff’ from the bedroom I worked on Saturday. I filled the recycling bin again too. Louie just emptied it Saturday morning.



I pooped out before I even got to the upper cupboards, so there will be another ‘round’ of eliminating. I also was reminded that I don’t get up off the floor very easily anymore. (Sigh….at least I didn’t have to call anyone for help Embarrassed smile) I did manage to get it vacuumed, picked up and livable until I ‘hit it’ again. It felt good, but would have felt better had I finished.



Do you bring ‘stuff’ in just to haul it back out later too? I MUST find a new hobby rather than ‘junkin’, or, I just need to be more selective in my purchases…but I think I already have been doing that……I don’t bring much home with me anymore.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dusting and Decluttering

No, this isn’t the inside of my garage and this isn’t my garage door. Winking smile These are the windows in my bedroom.


The curtains have needed washing for too long now. They were filled with dust and were dingy gray in color, not white anymore. I kicked Louie out of the house today so I could get it done! I made him go play pool. I know, so inhumane of me! I have been feeling very overwhelmed with needing to get things done. I love my new job, but I work 5 days a week now and I miss my Fridays because that is when I got my chores done. Now I don’t get much done at all! I started in our bedroom and put the curtains in the washer while I started dusting. I put some things in a bag for donation and did a thorough dusting and vacuuming. I worked on my regular laundry while I was at it too.


Curtains back up and clean!


I even ordered some roller shades for the three windows today, and two very wide shades for the windows in my living room. (See what happens when I’m left alone with my house and Paypal?) They will be SO nice though!


I love a nice clean room! I even vacuumed the thick ‘dust carpet’ under the bed! Thanks to the help of my friend Margaret, she remembered the name of the quilt on the foot of the bed that I made. It was in the March/April 2006 issue of Fons & Porter magazine and called Weaver Fever by Jackie Robinson. Everyone is our quilt group made their own version of this quilt. Of course I made mine much larger than the pattern called for. It is one of my favorite quilts.



Tomorrow, the bathroom cupboards and drawers, and the kitchen cupboards get attacked!

Have I mentioned how much I love my Swiffer Duster?



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