Sunday, November 8, 2015

November Quilting~Parkview Quilts~Teal

Yesterday was our November Loose Tensions time. I decided to sew a Parkview Quilt top for my day’s activity. It was easy, mindless sewing, and I could visit and listen to the chatter of the women while I worked and not miss out on anything. This was the first quilt top. I love it! It is so colorful. I do not design these quilts. When I get the kits, the pieces in each row are pinned together and the rows are numbered. All I have to do is sew the pieces, then connect the rows.


We ordered from China Cafe for lunch, and when Louie got off work, he picked up our order. We had a very special cheesecake for dessert. My cousin’s wife works with me, and we exchange birthday gifts. This year for my birthday, I got a homemade cheesecake made by my cousin Jeff. I froze it and saved it for our November quilt day. Jeff even sent the berry topping and a bottle of caramel topping too! It was GOOOOOOOOD!


It was my turn to choose fabric for the group to buy for me. We aren’t exchanging fat quarters this year. Instead, we are buying the one who’s name is drawn one yard of fabric, or two half yards, or four fat quarters, or a charm pack. I got about 8 yards total of teal fabric. Yummmmm!!!


After everyone left for the day, Louie was being a lump and a couch potato and watching tv, so I went back downstairs and sewed another quilt top for the Parkview ladies.


Later on, we rented Hot Pursuit on Amazon. We both enjoyed it.


Next month at quilting we will exchange Christmas gifts. Where has the year gone?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Buggy Barn Crazies~ Finished!

Saturday morning, I went downstairs to cut and iron the binding for my quilt that I finished on Friday evening.


I wound my binding around my little wooden ribbon holder I bought at Goodwill, and set it to the right of my machine.


I always have trouble figuring out what size seam allowance to use. I finally figured out that 1/2” would work for me. I cut my binding in 2 1/2” strips.


Being who I am, I always want to do things quickly and be finished, so I played around with about five different stitches to sew the binding down, but after being unhappy with them, and having to rip them all out, I decided that I really do love the look of hand stitching, so I went upstairs and turned on Netflix and started to sew the binding down all by hand.


We left early afternoon to go to the Quad Cities, so I set it aside. This morning (Sunday), I was up early, as usual, so I picked up where I left off. About 4 hours later, I was finished. I do love the look of hand stitching and I am happy I took the time to do it, although my fingers did fall asleep a few times for the first hour or so. After that, they were fine.


I don’t know about you, but when I am working on a quilt, I am always anxious to get it finished, but when I see that I only have a few stitches left to sew on the binding, somehow, I get just a little bit sad.


How about you?

Time to dig out another unfinished quilt top in progress.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Buggy Barn Crazies Quilted

I took myself downstairs last night about 7:00 and started looking for a backing from my stash of thrifted sheets, and once I found one, loaded it on the rollers. Next I cut my batting and attached the batting and quilt top to the backing fabric and was going to leave it until this morning to quilt, but once I secured all three layers by sewing the first row, I didn’t want to stop. Ever since I was taught how to quilt by ‘floating the quilt top’, that is the only way I quilt.



The sheet I liked was actually 100% polyester, and I have not ever used anything except 100% cotton, but I decided to be a risk taker and I loaded it onto the quilter. I checked the stitching on the back once I started and the stitches looked beautiful.


I always love to look at the stitching as I quilt. It just turns a flimsy into something wonderful!


It was about 9:00 when I cut the quilt off the quilter. I thought that was pretty good timing from start to finish. The quilter worked flawlessly. I did not have a broken thread, the stitches on the back looked perfect, with no looping, and I quilted it all with one Magna-Glide bobbin.



This morning I plan on sewing the binding to the quilt, then I will make the big decision whether to machine stitch it down, or sit tomorrow and hand stitch for about 6 hours while I watch Netflix.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Three More ‘Crazies’ Blocks

After I got all my blocks squared up, I decided to lay them all out and decide which direction I was going to go with my quilt. I didn’t want to cut any blocks into thirds and make a matching border. I decided to use all the blocks in the main body. If you look closely at the picture, four of the rows have 6 blocks across and the last three rows only have 5, which meant that I needed three more blocks. (The last block in each of the first 4 rows is overlapping on the previous block.)


Fortunately for me, I had saved all my scraps from when I cut out my quilt and I even found them! I needed to cut enough pieces to make three more patchy blocks.


Saturday night I set up one of my sewing machines in the living room, turned on Netflix and got to work.



Next I needed to embellish the seams. Four hours from start to finish the blocks and embellishing were done.




Sunday morning, I took myself downstairs, turned on HGTV, pulled out my sewing machine, squared up the three blocks, laid out the blocks to my liking, and started sewing rows.


The blocks were big, and only 6 per row, so it didn’t take long to get the rows sewn. Next, I sewed the rows together.  This quilt is 6 rows across by 7 rows long. It will be a nice big snuggly quilt.


Saturday, I’m hoping to load it onto the quilter and get it quilted. Maybe Sunday, I’ll get the binding sewn down on one side and spend the afternoon watching movies or Netflix and stitching the binding down.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Quilting~Orange

Saturday was quilting day and most of us were working on the Buggy Barn quilts we worked on last month. I finished embellishing my blocks last month with stitches, so all I had to do was square them up, which was what I finished in no time at all, but I was not prepared for any other quilting, so I was lazy and didn’t do anything after that. I need a huge floor space to lay out my quilt to decide the layout of the squares, so I will do that later…whenever the urge hits me. Hmmm…wonder when that will be. I have been quite short on ambition lately………


Leslie and Margaret were busy working on their blocks, and Polly had just finished cutting her quilt out, as she missed last month. 20151003_133540_resized

Christie worked on her Buggy Barn and Renea had another project she was working on. I did not get any photos of KT, and Ronelle, Kate and Patty were unable to make it. We missed them.


Renea’s husband Doug made us Double Decker Chocolate cake. Yummmmm. I won’t tell you how many pieces of cake I had. Embarrassed smile The platter was full!


Renea and I got lots of nice gifts, (I did not take any pictures at the moment we opened them) but here was my pile of gifts.


Leslie brought Renea and I both some beautiful fresh flowers.


Margaret won the draw last month and chose Orange. I love all the fabrics and the colors went very well with our flowers!


Louie and I went junkin after quilting, and I found this pumpkin pincushion. Just perfect for this time of year.


On the way home, we stopped to see my sister and her baby grandson Eliljah, who I am SO in love with. I needed a baby fix. He wasn’t feeling the best, but we did manage to make some ‘raspberries’ together, (please disregard the old woman in the picture and just focus on that cute baby!) and I got to kiss those soft little cheeks and give him lots of hugs. I love that little man!


Sunday I put out my fall basket of flowers and added my birthday flowers and pincushion with them. That’s it for fall decorating here!



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